5 Tips For Purchasing Flagstone

#1. How Is It Sold & How Much Does Flagstone Cost? You often see random flagstone sold by the ton or the pound rather than by the piece, while square cut flagstone is sold by [...]

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Spruce up your Landscaping with Flagstone

 Flagstone is one of the most popular and versatile landscape materials for landscaping projects, as it provides many attractive and useful applications. You can landscape using flagstone for striking walkways and patios, steps and flooring, [...]

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5 Tips for Choosing a Landscaper for your Garden

A lovely garden with a luxurious stone patio only adds to the beauty of your house. Developing a lawn can be a stress-free task provided you hire the right landscaper. Selecting the correct individual to [...]

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How to Properly Install Polymeric Sand Before applying your polymeric sand, ensure the paver sides and top surface are completely dry. Do not apply if the paver is damp or wet in any way. The damp or wet surface will [...]

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What is Polymeric Sand?

When installing new concrete paving stones or patio stones, we highly recommend using polymeric sand in the joints. Alliance Supersand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand, which protects the joints of [...]

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