What is Polymeric Sand?

When installing new concrete paving stones or patio stones, we highly recommend using polymeric sand in the joints. Alliance Supersand is a unique mixture of polymer binders and calibrated sand, which protects the joints of [...]

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Installation Guide for Gator Base

STEP 1 • Excavation of the Patio Area Total excavation depth will be determined by adding the following elements depths: Geo-fabric, compacted bedding sand’s final height (1/2 in), Gator Base (3/4 in), and patio stone [...]

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Gator Base – No More Excavating!

If you’re looking to build a patio, check out the new revolutionary base technology known as Gator Base. This product is designed to save you the time, money, effort and material put into excavating and [...]

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Picking the Right Type of Grass Seed for Your Lawn

There isn’t one “best” grass seed variety. The key to a lush green lawn is ensuring you buy the right seed mixture to suit your location climate, lifestyle needs, and soil conditions. Do a little [...]

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Time to Top-dress and Seed!

Topdressing and Seeding Your Lawn A common question this time of year for us is, “how do I top-dress and seed my lawn".  Spring seeding is not easy because of the competition of weed seeds [...]

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