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5 Benefits of Landscape Lighting

You have a beautiful house with furniture, curtains, sofas, chandeliers etc. hand-picked by you which is appreciated by everybody. But what about the exterior portion of your property? The outside landscape is an area which is often neglected and poorly lit. Illuminating the yard is of key significance since it has the ability to maximise living space. If you have a garden with lovely flower pots, a vintage-style patio, they all vanish into darkness once the sun goes down. But if there are lights on the site, imagine how stunning the backdrop will appear. This is just one of the benefits of landscape lighting. We present the top 5 advantages of illuminating landscape:

  1. Ensures protection of family and outsiders:

If you are coming home late night with small kids in tow, a well-lighted outdoor area will safeguard you from tripping. Similarly, if there are guests visiting you, they can easily enter or exit the house with the help of proper lighting. Certain areas of the property especially pathways must be illuminated so that one can move around without likelihood of accidents. Install zone lights in garden, patio or pool area as these are ideal during night-time. Owners may also try eyebrow lights on the steps which look nice plus offer security.

  1. Beautifies your property:

This is an apparent benefit of lighting up your backyard. If you want to flaunt your new hammock or any other item, decorative lights are the best way to do so. Low-voltage lights which are inexpensive and consume less power can be installed around flower gardens to bring out their splendour. Placing colourful lights around water fountains or pools located at the centre will brighten the entire outdoor area and give it a vibrant appearance.

  1. Increased security reduces chances of burglary and trespassing:

An important advantage of landscape lighting is that it safeguards against robbery or vandalism. If the exterior is well-lit, a thief will perhaps drop the idea of breaking into your house since he will be easily spotted. Identify the darkest areas of the garden and make certain you light these parts in addition to main entrance points. You can also go for remote control based lighting wherein you can immediately switch on the outside lights if you hear some suspicious noise in the middle of the night and catch the intruder red-handed. Besides, a bright exterior makes children and guests feel safe too.

  1. Boosts Land Worth:

If you have an exterior with beautiful landscape lighting, it will automatically create a positive impression on the buyers and enhance the value of your property. Moreover, they don’t have to install any lights if they decide to purchase your property allowing you to ask for a greater amount. However, any tacky lighting or loose wires hanging will not fetch you the desired price. Hence, ensure that you employ the services of a qualified electrician and invest in good quality lights. It will pay off later.

  1. Increases Usability:

Lighting up the landscape is not for mere display, you can actually use the area for various purposes. Sit on the porch and unwind with your favourite book in the evening, organise a birthday dinner for your loved one, take a dip in the pool to cool off in the summer or throw a happening barbeque bash for your friends and have a gala time. Landscape lighting gives functionality to outdoor areas. Install flood lights which have the ability to illuminate a major portion of the yard or terrace. For a romantic rendezvous, you may even attach special dim lights at the top of the table.

There are no shortcomings in landscape lighting. You might have to spend some time and financial resources in installing the correct lights but the outcome will be highly beneficial. Moreover, keep in mind the setting inside the house
too. For example, if the yard faces the bedroom, you may wish to set up adjustable lights to maintain privacy. From enhanced appearance, better safety for family and relatives to increased functionality, landscape lighting offers several advantages. Choose from a wide range of lighting fixtures as per your requirements and spruce up your exterior property.