5 Tips For Purchasing Flagstone

///5 Tips For Purchasing Flagstone

5 Tips For Purchasing Flagstone

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#1. How Is It Sold & How Much Does Flagstone Cost?

You often see random flagstone sold by the ton or the pound rather than by the piece, while square cut flagstone is sold by the square foot.  The cost will vary depending upon the kind of stone being sold. Generally speaking, the per ton price ranges from $240-$340. The price difference depends on the type of flagstone, the thickness, and where it comes from. Imported stones costs more so if you are keeping within a budget, consider looking for locally quarried flagstone.

#2. What Thickness Should You Purchase?

Choose a type of stone thick enough to withstand the use of the stone. For example, if you are dry laying flagstone on a bed of packed gravel, you should use flagstone at least 1.5″ thick. This will prevent your stones from cracking and breaking with use. If you are providing a mortar base, then you may use a thinner flagstone. At Adams Landscape Supply our flagstone is available in sizes 1/2″ to 2″.


#3. What Width Do You Need?

If you’re going to make a patio using mortar, then you may use a variety of sizes of flagstone. Various shapes, and sizes of either random flagstone or square cut flagstone will do. Otherwise, if you are dry laying flagstone, look for larger slab pieces that provide more coverage per piece, say 2 feet wide. Choosing the right pieces of flagstone will help ensure your walkway or patio is durable and reliable.

#4. Do You Want Or Need To Mix And Match?

When shopping for flagstone many slabs are organized by size and type. In our yard, all square cut flagstone is packaged together by type of stone and size. This allows our customers to select each individual piece of flagstone. Random flagstone on the other hand is purchased by the skid. With a variety of thicknesses available in our yard, we ask customers to provide us with the square footage or the target weight they are looking to purchase, from a specific skid. We then pull the closest amount of flagstone from the top of that skid. Currently at Adams Landscape Supply, we are offering clearance flagstone that may be hand-picked by the individual.


#5. How Much Flagstone Will You Need?

There is a formula for determining the exact amount of material needed for your project. To start, multiply the length and width of the project to get the square footage. So, for example if you are going to create a patio that is 10 feet by 20 feet, you would multiply these two and come up with a square footage of 200. At this point, our staff in the yard can assist you in determining how much flagstone you require.

For example, you are interested in purchasing 1 ½” random flagstone for 200 square feet. There is approximately 90 square feet of coverage per ton of 1 ½” flagstone:  200/90 = 2.25. This means your patio of 10 feet by 20 feet would require 2.25 ton of 1 ½” flagstone.

Visit our yard at 30 Dumart Place, Kitchener to speak with our staff if you would like to know more or need help determining stone quantities for your next flagstone project!

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