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Applying Mulch

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As we have discussed in previous posts, Mulch is a simple yet useful too for your garden. A mulch helps moderate soil temperature and weather damage, prevent weed growth, and retain moisture. Plus, transform the aesthetic value of a garden and give it a clean and finished look.

Mulching your garden is an affordable and easy project, but if you’re new to mulching, it may seem like a daunting task.  Follow the steps below and I promise you it wont require as much effort as you fear!

Step 1 – Choose a Mulch Type

a rake on wood chips

Organic mulches are composed of wood products, such as bark or the wood of a tree.

Mulches enrich the soil as they decompose and provide a welcoming habitat for earthworms and beneficial bugs.

There are many consistencies of mulch.A shredded mulch is finer than a wood chip mulch and may be easier to spread and work with in a garden. This also plays a part in the decomposition process. Decomposition provides much needed nourishment to the soil but, with that in mind, you will need to eventually replenish your mulch once it decomposes fully. (probably 4-5 years but its recommended you top it up every other year)


Step 2 – Measure the Right Quantity

For a  garden, mulch should typically be applied around 3 inches thick.  A layer of mulch that is too thin may not adequately protect your soil from weather damage and weeds, while a layer that is too thick may retain too much moisture and eventually lead to rot.  The simplest way to caluclate it to remeber that for evry 10 x 10 area (100sf) you will require 1 cubic yard or 9- 3 cubic foot bags.


Step 3 – Mulch Your Garden At the Best Time


You can mulch your garden any time there is no snow cover but ideally in spring just before it gets hot.

Before applying mulch, remove all weeds and debris from the garden.

Be careful not to suffocate the flowers by covering them with mulch. And leave a few inches of space around each tree or bush. Piling mulch up the sides of them can cause rotting.


So now that you have the facts lets get our hands dirty and start mulching!!!