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A Look At Budgeting….

look at budgeting

Have you been thinking about that dream landscape you want to complete? Is it being put off because you don’t know where to begin?  The most daunting part of starting any project is creating a budget.  Let us help, here’s how to begin:

Your budget needs to include two things.  It needs to give you the features that you want and it needs to make sense in terms of increasing the overall value of your home.

So let’s get the best bang for your buck….

First and foremost your budget needs to be honest.  You need to make sure you can realistically afford your project or it will become a financial nightmare rather than a dream come true.


Landscape projects have many parts to them.  An itemized will help break down the different areas and projects within the project.  Don’t forget to include base material under patios, edging, and labour if you’re hiring a contractor. A detailed and accountable budget will help you keep track of every dollar you are investing in your project.


No matter what type of project your undertaking there is always going to be an extra cost for something you didn’t think about or something out of your control.  Leave some extra room to account for these things, a malleable budget allows for a job to come in under or at budget.

under budget

Now that you’re ready to start putting pen to paper, make a list of all the items you want to see in your project.   Are you looking for a patio, outdoor kitchen, retaining wall, landscape lighting, garden beds….Planning is supposed to be fun and exciting so let your imagination run wild we can cut it back and make it honest in the next step.

Once you have everything you would like to have on your list, start prioritizing as to what is most important,   what is important but can be done later or what is really not important but would be nice to have. At this point you can also consider breaking up your project into phases so you get everything but over a period of a few years.

Once you have a number to budget and your priorities outlined come and visit us and let us help you cost your project.  You are now already one step closer to your dream coming to life!