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Building a Pond Part 3 – The Finishing Touches

13. Bring in Topsoil

While not always necessary, topsoil can prove useful for dressing up the berm. A nutrient rich soil will provide a nice base for perennials planted around the pond.

14. Build the Retaining Wall

Finish the berm where the waterfall is by building a small retaining wall behind it. Cut the berm back to expose a dirt wall and set some larger boulders in place. Once set, backfill the boulders and tamp the berm.

build pond - 18

15.  Tweak the Waterfall

Once the pond is filled to the proper level and all the foam is dry, test the pump and waterfall. If you are not happy with the aesthetics of the waterfall, you can place smaller stones on the waterfall spillway to alter the flow.

16. Trim the Liner

Go around the perimeter of the pond with a pair of cutters and leave yourself roughly six inches of excess liner for edging. Trimming the liner after the waterfall is running will alleviate the possibility of cutting the liner too short and forming a low edge.

17. Mulch the Berm & Clean Up

Finish off the berm by landscaping around the water feature and bringing in mulch to prevent soil erosion. Make sure the entire site is cleaned of debris and extra materials.

18. Owner’s Manual/ Bacteria

Review the pond owner’s manual for general maintenance practices and add the recommended dosage of beneficial bacteria to jumpstart the pond’s ecosystem.