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How to Drain A Down Spout Away From the Foundation

Big O Down Spout

If the water flow from your roof has worn a path in your yard, then you know gutter upkeep isn’t enough to prevent erosion. Proper drainage from your downspout is essential to the health of your yard as well as your house’s foundation. This can easily be achieved with an underground drainpipe from your downspout to a proper receptacle.

However, it’s important to make sure that you’re not causing more damage when you install your drainpipe. Before doing any digging in your yard, contact your local utility companies for a free marking of utility lines in your yard. You should also make sure you have a proper place to divert the water and that the path from the downspout to the receptacle can maintain a constant downward slope to ensure continuous water flow.

After taking the necessary precautions and determining the path of the drain, comes the installation:

  1. The first step is to measure your work site to ensure that you have the proper length of pipe. It’s also important at this point to make sure you have all the proper fittings as well as the correct number of fittings. Bear in mind that it’s possible to tie multiple lines together with T/Y fittings if you have more than one downspout that needs draining or an additional drainage system. It’s at this point when gathering your supplies that you should decide what fitting you want at the end of your pipe (grate, pop-up emitter etc.)
  2. Mark out the path of your drain and dig an 8-inch-deep trench the length of the path.
  3. Install a downspout adapter of the correct size onto your downspout by simply sliding it into place. Connect your Big ‘O’ Drain pipe to the fitting and extend it the length of your trench.Big O 3
  4. Before backfilling, install an end cap or pop-up emitter at the exit of the drain using a coupler. This isn’t always necessary, but end caps can improve aesthetics and keep animals and dirt out.Big O end cap
  5. Backfill the trench with topsoil. It’s possible but not necessary to re-sod over the length of the pipe. Simply reseeding the area will make your yard look as good as ever in just a couple weeks.

Optional: As mentioned earlier, it’s possible to tie other drains into this system using T/Y adapters.

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