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Yes!  We sell all of our products and services to both the general public as well as to Contractors.

We are open on Saturday mornings during the month of May, give or take a few weeks depending on the weather. Over the summer months we allow our employees to spend weekends with their families. However, In June and July we are open on Thursday evenings .  All of our hours are posted and updated on our website.

Generally speaking 1 cubic yard will cover approximately 100 square feet at a depth of 3”.  To figure out how many cubic yards you need use these simple formulas (remember to keep all your measurement in feet)
A rectangle is: length x width x depth / 27 (# of cubic feet in a cubic yard)
A circle is: 3.14 x radius squared x depth / 27.

It depends on the size of your wheel barrow. There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard. If your wheel barrow is 3 cu. Ft. you will get 9 wheel barrows per yard.

Yes we offer all sorts of delivery options, click here

Typically our trucks delivering in bulk and our flatbed forklifts delivering skidded products require 10ft of clearance (wide).  Also please consider overhanging eaves, hydro wires and tree limbs above.  These vehicles are much higher than your car and still need to lift the box to dump.   If access is a problem consider ordering your soil or mulch in Adams Easy Bags which can be delivered by hand or cart to where you need them.

As long as there are no hydro wires or trees and access is sufficient, this shouldn’t be a problem. Dump trucks are heavy and may leave ruts in the lawn, especially if the lawn is wet. Adams Landscape Supply is not responsible for damage done past the curb line.

We ask for a 2 hour time frame. We are unable to predict the traffic and therefore cannot guarantee a delivery time. We will do our best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee a specific time. You do not need to be home for us to be able to deliver. Just let us know how the dump location will be marked (a chalk x on the driveway or a stake on the lawn) and we will leave the receipt in the mailbox for your records.

We have trucks that have two tailgates. Each of the tailgates lock. The driver will release the back tailgate and dump the product that is on the back of the truck. The truck will then pull forward, release the middle tailgate and dump the product on the front of the truck. The heaviest product has to be put on the back of the truck. The trucks are split in the center so while the truck may carry a maximum of 12 yards, it cannot be split 10 and 2.

All products weigh different amounts per cubic yard or per skid.  We can give you an approximate weight of what the material will be but it is up to you to decide how much material you put in your vehicle at a time.  We reserve the right to refuse to load a vehicle that we deem unsafe to carry material.

Our equipment is designed to load open bed trucks or trailers.  If you have a van or car we will gladly help you load product packaged in Adams Easy Bags.  We do not however allow anyone to shovel bulk material out of our bins into their vehicles or bins.

We are a supplier to the trade and not in the business of installing products.  Give us a call or send us and email with the details of your job and we would be happy to recommend a few contractors to you.

Efflorescence is the salts that naturally occur in concrete products and are brought to the surface by water or moisture in the stone.  The process will stop on its own when all of the salts have been released from the concrete.  The process can take a couple years to a few years.  There are products on the market that will help clean away efflorescence.  This process is the reason that we, and all manufacturers of concrete products, do not recommend sealing for at least one year after installation.