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Garden and Outdoor Designing Ideas for your Home

Designing the exterior area of your house is as important as the interior portion. Just as we desire every room in our house to be stylish, the outdoors should be appealing too. There are millions of ideas when it comes to designing garden and backyard. We list some options which are sure to impress your guests and make your neighbours envious:

Innovative garden borders:

Lawn borders need not be plain and conventional. If you keep in mind the basic elements, you can easily create an attractive border. Mentioned below are some eye-catching edgings that you would love:

  1. A herb periphery consisting of various herbs such as sage, mint, rosemary, thyme, basil and oregano etc. will look stunning especially if you have a penchant for growing herbs. Moreover, these aromatic plants don’t need much watering and survive well with little nourishment.
  2. Curvy borders are the latest trend and offer an interesting twist to casual landscapes as opposed to straight rims. However, prior to sowing, do a trial run with a rope to understand which shape looks best.
  3. If you want a simple border by the poolside, just pick 4-5 of your favourite colourful flowering pots and they will create a splendid visual impact.
  4. Borders with shrubbery gives the lawn a plush, dramatic look. To achieve this effect, you must pick the right mix of small trees and shrubs. The branches and leaves should produce contrasts in terms of shape, texture and color. In addition, place large leafed pots next to delicate plants so that all the plants are prominent.

Go Edible:

Imagine growing fresh herbs and delicious fruits right in your backyard. Edible gardening is a huge craze nowadays with lots of gardeners opting to grow different varieties of palatable plants. If you have a patio kitchen, you can enjoy a wonderful salad dinner with your family where you can eat fresh lettuce mixed with oregano and thyme. Tiny fruit shrubs of raspberries and blueberries which bloom in containers are also being favoured by edible garden lovers.

Patio designs to enrich your landscape:

If you have a great terrace, you will spend most of the time in the open. There are numerous types of patios you can construct and add your personal touch to it. Have a look at the following options:

  • A curved patio with a fireplace is perfect for wintertime. A space-saving tip is to keep the pizza kiln above the fireplace.
  • How about creating a idyllic dining area in your backyard? This patio kitchen will soon turn into a popular hangout for all your friends and relatives.
  • You can easily create a circular patio using bricks in 2-3 days. This enclosure can be used in different ways. Place it around your border or keep it in a distant corner of the lawn where you can unwind with coffee. If you want the patio to be the highlight, position an exquisite water fountain in the centre.
  • Encircle a slate patio with opulent vibrant plants to get an exclusive all-purpose retreat area.

Select drought-tolerant vegetation:

Abundant water may not be always available to keep your plants in good condition. Lately, with water usage becoming a large concern, garden owners are going for plants which look plush but at the same time do not consume a lot of water and thrive for longer duration. Some less-thirsty examples of plants include cactus, aloe vera, huckleberries, hybrid petunias, purple coneflower, white sage and rosemary etc. Nonetheless, make certain that you provide adequate water to these drought-tolerant floras at the time of formation to acquire strong roots.

As far as colors are concerned, garden owners are opting for subdued tones. Choose colours such as grey, forest green and mushroom brown to decorate your lawn. From lawn borders to edible gardens, these outdoor design ideas will create a wonderful impact. You may blend your own ideas too to
develop a lawn which reflects your personality.