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Gator Base – No More Excavating!

If you’re looking to build a patio, check out the new revolutionary base technology known as Gator Base. This product is designed to save you the time, money, effort and material put into excavating and compacting crushed stone.

What is it?

Gator base is a lightweight (1.5 lb/unit), high-density, polypropylene pad that replaces the crushed stone base for all pedestrian interlock stone – use on patios, stairways, landing areas, balconies, pathways, sidewalks, around pools and around garden sheds. This easy to install 2’ X 3’ unit is a no brainer!

Gator Base - 1

Why use it?

It saves you time. Gator Base saves 6” of needless excavation. Installation time takes minutes.

It saves you money. No need to purchase 6” of crushed stone, special equipment, trucks or drivers to excavate and haul material away.

It’s environmentally friendly.  The polypropylene pad won’t degrade in the ground over time.  With the money you save on trucks, you’re also saving the environment from unnecessary truck emissions.

Each unit of Gator Base replaces 240 lbs of crushed stone. There’s no need to break your back shoveling stone.

Gator Base is extremely durable as it is engineered to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. One Gator Base unit acts like 18” of crushed stone as a thermal blanket. It is 3 times more effective than stone as an insulator thus significantly reducing the freeze and thaw cycles.   Don’t believe it? Check out our yard at 30 Dumart Place in Kitchener, where we installed Gator Base and put it to the test.

Gator Base - 3

Still not convinced?

If access is difficult or restricted and construction speed is critical, than Gator Base is the way to go. Its lightweight unit makes transporting to tough spaces a breeze.

Bottom line – Gator base is a no mess, no hassle, money saving, revolutionary way to build your patio.