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How to Choose the Best Soil for your Garden

When you decide to landscape your garden and flowerbeds, the most important element that you should keep in mind is the right soil. Even if you have best-quality seeds, if the soil is not conducive, the result won’t be as you expected. Fruits and vegetables will be undersized and moreover, pests might cause damage resulting in their death.

For successful gardening, one must give utmost attention to the soil. Here are a couple of valuable tips you should consider in order to develop best soil for your garden:

Revive soil regularly:

You will face no problems in your garden in the first year since all the nutrients, minerals and organic stuff is available to enrich the soil. Nonetheless, over a period of time, all this nourishment will be absorbed by the crops. Hence, it becomes imperative to revitalize the soil. Use green manure as a cover crop to provide the necessary nutrients. When this compost is matured, it is cut and burrowed gently into the earth which fills up the soil with renewed organic materials. Green manure also restores nitrogen, an excellent fertilizer for ensuing yields.

Always examine the soil:

It is only via the soil that the roots travel and gain access to vital nutrients needed for optimum growth of vegetation. Perform the following tests to check if the soil is perfect for your garden:

  1. Do a pH test to evaluate the soil’s acid content. A scale of 6.0 – 6.8 is ideal for cultivating plants and vegetables.
  2. Take a small quantity of the soil and roll it in the hand. The soil will exhibit a clay like consistency if it bonds together. In case it crumbles easily, the soil is deemed as sandy. The soil is considered to ideal if it can grasp in a ball together.

Rock phosphate – Essential for plant growth:

It is not mentioned often but the fact is that rock phosphate greatly helps in optimal growth of plants. This sedimentary rock is loaded with iodine, zinc, boron and nickel which are needed by shrubs in small quantities. Plants which obtain sufficient amounts of this mineral display stable growth. One bag of rock phosphate will last for years, all you have to do is sprinkle some of it on the beds every 2-3 years.

Choosing between garden soil and topsoil:

Garden soils generally found in packaged form are a blend of different soils and textures. They are mixed to cater to a specific plant, vegetable or herb. Whenever you buy garden soil, make it a point to check the constituents present in the soil and verify if they will combine suitably with the current soil in your garden. Topsoil as the name suggests means the top cover of soil on the earth’s surface. Subject to the site, this soil can go up to 5-12 inches deep. Topsoil is not used for particular plants, it’s an all-purpose soil mix. As compared to garden soil, topsoil cannot be combined with large amount of fertilizers.

You should select the right kind of soil as per the requirements of your lawn. If you wish to plant a particular kind of plant, then garden soil is apt whereas people who want to do general purpose redesigning should go for topsoil.

Opt for organic nourishment:

Artificial fertilizers available in the market may be convenient to use but they don’t really enhance the soil effectively. Moreover, they have to be applied often. Try organic stimulants which are environment friendly and excellent in conditioning the soil. There are various types of non-chemical fertilizers, you must choose one in line with your lawn’s specific soil needs and the kind of plants you wish to grow. Some examples of plant-based nourishment includes compost, molasses, alfalfa meals whereas Epsom salt is a sort of mineral-based fertilizer.

Always remember that you can’t create a lovely garden without the right soil. Pay attention to this element which lies under the ground and ensure you employ soil best-suited for your vegetable plants and flower
beds. Suitable soil will keep pests at bay thereby giving you more time for setting up more vegetation of your choice.