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Landscaping on your Budget – Some Smart Ideas

A backyard or garden is not just an exterior portion of your house. It is an area where you grow your favourite plants, construct a mini pool for the kids or turn it into an portion where you can have barbeque night parties or relax on the porch. Constructing these elements on a landscape is not that easy plus the additional costs of setting up everything can cost you several dollars.

However, landscaping on a tight budget is possible provided you have the patience to browse through several options and think smart. Here are some clever ideas to help you design your garden without spending too much:

Make a list of requirements:

Random purchases will certainly burn a hole in your wallet. Sit with the garden layout and decide how you want the area to look like. Next, write down all the things needed and the estimated costs against them so that you can develop a systematic plan. Check if you can use wood from old, unused furniture lying at your house for the backyard.

Refashion your terrace:

Most people have a simple concrete patio which can look dull. You can revamp it by coating the surface with stonework in different hues such as chocolate brown or warm honey or even a classy checks design. Another option is to place tiles on the concrete surface with thin cement to give it an elegant look. These methods are inexpensive and stay within your budget.

Add big rocks for some dimension:

If the exterior of your property has a huge, flat lawn, it is recommended to place boulders on the landscape. Keep a bunch of stones together or keep them at separate spots. You can place small shrubs around the boulders,. As far as acquiring such rocks is concerned, purchasing them should be the last alternative. Are there naturally occurring stones in the place you live? Pay a visit to constructions sites to check if you can get some unwanted boulders. Collect 3-4 big stones which are easy to lift and keep them close to walkways and other parts of the lawn.

Spend on trees and plants:

When you decide to landscape, you should first buy trees. Don’t go for trash trees which are cheap but they can clutter your lawn, need lots of pruning and die soon. Invest in a suitable landscape tree. If you are not too well-read about trees, the best way to know more is to read some books. You can also make use of Google search to find out the various kinds and their prices to help you plan resources.

Moreover, buy big pots for the plants. Small pots look pretty near the window ledge, in a large garden they will be overshadowed by other elements. Plus small pots need more maintenance adding to your expenses. Three to four big pots with different plants such as petunias will be enough to enhance the garden.

Invest in arbors and trellis:

These fencing panels add a touch of elegant architectural detailing to your garden. In addition, they save garden area since you can plant climbing flowers, vegetables vertically on the trellis. It also safeguards plants from pests. Though you can buy trellis from various stores, a great option is to build one yourself by employing bamboo, lumbar, wooden sticks, wire mesh and some spray paint to give it a vibrant look.

Don’t forget mulch:

This is an essential ingredient for any garden which does not pinch your pocket. Mulch obstructs weeds and retains vital nutrients required for your plants. Just spread mulch on the uncovered soil, flowerbeds and your backyard will look completely integrated. At Adams Landscape Supply, you can choose from a wide range of mulches such as shredded pine, playground mulch, cedar mulch, composted pine mulch etc.

Creating a beautiful garden need not be an expensive process. Even if you have limited resources, you can landscape your backyard exactly as per your desires by implementing these money-saving approaches.