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3 Common Landscaping Myths



When it comes to landscaping, many people don’t realize that there is more involved than what you see on the surface.   If you’re considering a DIY project read below…


  1. Build as you go

While it may be hard to create a vision of what you want to see in the end, it’s always better to have a plan and start with a design. Determine your needs and wants, measure your space, determine functionality (a 4’ x 3’ patio cannot hold a table and chairs). Having a plan will save you costly changes and ensure you are happy with the final result



  1. Landscape Lighting requires an electrician

This is TOTALLY possible for the DIY weekend warrior to accomplish.  And,  in my opinion it should be in every landscape design.  However – It is never a good idea to cheap out on outdoor lighting. Purchasing inexpensive do-it-yourself lighting kits won’t get you far. You will realize that in the end you will most likely end up spending more money than you would have paid if you purchased professional grade products right from the start.   Adams Landscape Supply also offers lighting design assistance to anyone who needs it as well as a crash course on installation.

land light


  1. Excavation requires a machine

Not anymore… there are products on the market that allow for minimal excavation for building a patio.   This limits the need for finding a way to dispose of a massive amount of excavated material as well as minimizes the amount base material required to be put back in.   All in all … way less trips with the wheelbarrow!  So if you were scared off at taking on a backyard patio or pathway project now is the time to come see us and let us show you how simple it really is.


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