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Porcelain Landscape Tiles

Porcelain Tiles in the Landscape

Porcelain tiles are an up-and-coming option in landscaping.  Their use can range from walkways and patios, to terraces, pool areas, and beyond. The natural stone finish, organic colours and durability of porcelain tiles will be sure to draw eyes.

As with any new product, it is important to learn as much about it as possible before deciding to use it yourself, and we’re here to help. Here’s everything you need to know about using porcelain tiles in the landscape.

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What are the Benefits?

  • Stain, Mold & Mildew Resistant
    • Surface and body of porcelain pavers are non-porous, so liquids, oils or chemical spills can’t penetrate. You can simply wipe or wash off any spills.  If any mold should develop, it can be easily washed off the tile with water. Porcelain pavers are even resistant to weak acids and bases
  • Hard Wearing and Scratch Resistant
    • Porcelain is an extremely hard and dense material which resists scratching and marking by most objects. The deck pavers can thus be used in areas subject to high foot traffic such as plaza decks, patio decks and where tables and chairs are in regular use, such as outdoor bars and restaurants
  • Frost Proof
    • Since water cannot penetrate the interior of porcelain pavers, unlike more porous materials such as natural stone and concrete, they don’t suffer freeze/thaw cracking in sub-zero conditions, making them suitable even for the most severe climatic locations
  • Fade Resistant
    • Since pigmentation is effectively baked into the pavers at temperatures above 1200°C, porcelain pavers will not suffer from fading in direct sunlight
    • Porcelain tiles will never lose their lustre, because they are treated with colour sealants and protectants from the start. For as long are you enjoy your tiles, they’ll be as bright and beautiful as the day they were first installed.


  • Fireproof
    • Unlike wood decks or structural wood tiles, porcelain tiles are completely fireproof, so can be used where strict fire regulations apply, such as for rooftop decks in densely populated urban regions
  • Ideal for Overlays
    • The low profile thickness of porcelain makes it ideal as a concrete or wooden deck overlay, especially where installations have height or weight constraints
  • Natural Stone Appearance
    • Porcelain tiles can be produced in an outstanding range of colours and styles, including colours that are virtually indistinguishable from natural stone, but with the added advantages of much superior stain resistance and freeze/thaw cracking resistance
  • High Load Bearing
    • 3/4″ thick porcelain tiles can typically support 2000 lbs of static weight
  • Lighter than Stone or Concrete
    • For the equivalent strength characteristics, porcelain tiles are lighter (only 9 lbs per sq ft) than both concrete and paving stones, so are easier and less expensive to transport and move to the job site


  • Expensive
    • Although generally considered the least costly in the long run, porcelain tiles of good quality coupled with their installation can be quite expensive
  • Uncomfortable
    • During cold weather, tiles make our feet colder. Likewise, they retain heat during hot weather, making the area in which it was used uncomfortably hot.
  • Difficulty in Maintenance of Grout Lines
    • While tiles are generally easy to maintain, grout lines require a bit more attention since they are prone to stains and mildew build-up.

Now you have all the information necessary to decide if porcelain tiles are right for you.

At Adams Landscape Supply, we carry a variety of porcelain tiles supplied by Permacon and Unilock. Call us or visit us at 30 Dumart Place to see the large selection.

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