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Being Prepared for Your Landscape Contractor

contractor - 1
Often when I speak with people in our office about choosing a contractor I hear the same complaint, “they can’t get to my project for months “.

In this blog I will try to shed some light on the situation to hopefully make you feel better, and at the same time speed up your contractor’s arrival time.

When you’re looking to hire a landscaping contractor, or any professional in general, it should set off an alarm or red light if the contractor was sitting around waiting for your phone call. You would hope the contractor was busy, that would lead me to believe that the quality of their work must be good.


To help with the arrival time of quality contractors, here are a couple tips that you could use to speed the process along:

  1. Decide on a budget for your project. contractor - 2
  2. Go out to landscape depots, check to see if the product you like is in your budget.
  3. Narrow your products down by supplier.
  4. Pick out colors, patterns, and textures that you like. contractor - 3
  5. Ask to take samples home so you can show your contractor when he arrives.
  6. Ask your landscape depot to recommend contractors they trust.
  7. Ask your landscape depot if the product you picked is a stock item or if it needs to be ordered.
  8. Do your homework! Check their websites and ask for references or addresses where they have worked
  9. Make the call

If it was me making the call to a Landscape contractor here is an example of how the phone conversation would go:

“ I was hoping someone could come by and quote me on my project. I am looking to have an interlock driveway put in at our house. We have a budget in mind, I have been out to look at the stones we like and have samples here to show you when you arrive. We would prefer to use Permacon as our brick for the driveway; we really like the Trafalgar series stone in Grey. I have been to Adams Landscape Supply and they gave me your card and recommended you. Could you bring along some address where we could go look at your work you have done for other customers.”

contractor - 4

When the initial conversation goes like this, the potential contractor knows they can get to work on the job site fast, with little to no fussing. This makes a first great impression and they are more likely to fit your project in.  Using these tips should make hiring a landscape contractor quick, easy, and painless!