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Flagstone – Random
Random shapes, sizes and colors. Available in ½” to 2” thicknesses.

Flagstone – Ontario Square Cut
Various sizes available. Sold by the square foot. Grey, black and buff in color ranging from 1”-2” thicknesses.

Flagstone – Imported Square Cut
Various sizes available. Sold by the square foot. Many colors and textures. Calibrated thicknesses for easy installation or overlays.

Guillotine Drywall
Guillotine front and back. 8” bed depth. Generally sold in random lengths with broken ends but is also available sawn tops and ends.

Building Stone
Guillotine front and back. 4” bed depth. Available broken ends or sawn top and bottom.

Strata Drywall
6-8” bed depths. Sawn top and bottom.

Coping – Ontario Limestone
Available in 12-18” depths. Sawn or natural top.

Coping – Imported
Available in various colors and stone types. 12” or 16” depths, 48” or 72” lengths and rock faced or bullnosed.

Waterfall Slabs / Random Steps
Buff, brown and grey colors. Random sizes and thicknesses. Smooth semi-weathered surfaces.

Armor Stone
Brought in from various Ontario quarries. Stackable sizes, 12”-36” heights and random depths. Grey, black and buff in colour.

Moss Rock
Weathered texture. Available in large boulders or 1-2 man sized pieces. Natural moss.

Fieldstone Boulders
Available in Random shapes and sizes.

Natural Stone Steps – Ontario
Available in lengths between 3’ and 9’. 16-18” depths and various rises. Hand rock finish on 3 sides.

Natural Stone Steps – Imported
Many different types of stone and color choices available. Lengths between 3’ and 10’. Calibrated thickness.

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