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Spring has Sprung… Your Spring Clean up Checklist


Spring is only a few weeks away… the birds are getting louder, the snow is disappearing out of even the biggest snowbanks, most importantly its getting warm enough to get back outside. So what do you need to do to get your yard in tip top shape for the season?  Keep reading for some guidance..

Trees and Shrubs

The sheer weight of heavy wet snow is enough to damage limbs and branches on trees and shrubs.  Cut away any dead or damaged branches now to help avoid the spread of disease.  For larger branches call in a certified arborist to ensure the safest method of removal for both yourself and the tree.

Driveways, Patios & Walkways (pavers and flagstone)

Occasionally, and especially if not using a polymeric sand or stone dust, the joint material can wash away over a period of time in your interlock or flagstone areas.  This can sometimes cause some pieces to lift or shift and they may need to be relevelled before sweeping away the surface sand.   Remember to wait until the stones are dry (48 hours no moisture) before sweeping in new polymeric sand or stone dust.

Lawn Areas

The first few weeks of spring are still to cold for growing seed but a lot of prep work can be done now.   Rake up any remaining fall leaves to help prevent the start or spread of disease.  Watch the lawn for signs of disease or pest damage as it comes out of dormancy.  Once the lawn has dried out you can start to rake out thatch and apply a topdressing soil.  As soon as day and night temps warm up you can overseed your lawn.

Garden Beds

Rake out and clean up debris that has accumulated or blown in over the fall and winter months.  Trim back any plants that you may have missed in the fall.   Rake up and level out your mulch, checking how deep it is.  Mulch needs to be a minimum of 3” thick in order to provide more than aesthetic appeal.  You can top up mulch any time now as well.

For different varieties of mulches, grass seeds or any other materials or advice you need visit our website at www.adamslandscapesupply.ca or come on in and see how we can help.


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