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Summer Lawn Care

3 Tips for Summer Lawn Care

 Summer is a time to rest, spend time with friends and family, and to enjoy the summer sun. However, even with how much we enjoy the summer, it can sometimes be the worst time of the year for our lawns. Here are 3 areas you can better care for your lawn this summer.

summer lawn - 3

  1. Mowing

This summer, there are three ways you help promote a healthy lawn when mowing

  • Don’t cut your grass too short. Longer grass will:
    • Provide shade to reduce water loss
    • Absorb more light to promote growth
  • Let your clippings lie. Grass clippings left on the lawn will:
    • Add nutrients to your lawn as they decompose
    • Provide further shade for water retention
  • Sharper your mower blade regularly
    • Dull mower blades actually tear grass, creating brown grass blade edges
    • Sharper blades will prevent brown appearance and help to prevent further harm to the plant

summer lawn - 1

  1. Watering

Although it may be tempting in the dry summer heat to water your lawn every day, all day, there are a few things you should know about watering the grass in the summer:

  • Water deeply and infrequently
    • Ensure the lawn is watered approximately 1 inch below your current root depth, if there is no water below the roots, your grass will have no reason to develop deeper roots
    • Once a week is plenty as long as the lawn is being watered deep enough each time
  • Early morning is best
    • In the morning the air is cool and there’s usually not much wind to blow the droplets – the perfect condition for watering
    • Midday, water will evaporate too quickly
    • In the evening, water can cling to the blades of grass overnight, which can cause lawn diseases

summer lawn - 2

  1. Treatment

Even if it’s not ideal when having people over for a barbeque or when letting Fido out back to enjoy the summer weather, try your best to:

  • Minimize the amount of traffic, such as driving or parking on the lawn
  • Clean up after your dog
    • Cleaning up after your dog will promote a healthier lawn
    • Ensure that feces is not left on the lawn.
    • If you notice dead patches due to urine, you may have to be more attentive when letting your dog out in the backyard. Flushing out these areas with water immediately after should help dilute the urine and prevent lawn damage.
    • Ideally, create a mulched or pebbled area in your backyard and train your dog to use that area for bathroom breaks