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How to use Pond Waterfall Foam

  1. Create Tight Joints to be Filled

Fill larger voids with a mixture of small stones and gravel.

waterfall foam - 1

2. Prepare Foam

Prepare foam according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

  1. Apply the Foam

Apply foam over the rock and gravel fill. Take into consideration that the foam will expand once dispensed. Use the foam along the stream edges between the framing rocks. Put foam anywhere else you believe water flow to be lost.

waterfall foam - 2


  1. Disguise the Foam

Allow a couple minutes for foam to dry slightly then place larger stones and gravel on top of the wet joints to help disguise it.

waterfall foam - 3

  1. Mold the Foam

Once the shell of the foam is cured enough to manipulate by hand. Hide any excess foam by molding it down into the joints

  1. Allow Time for Curing & Enjoy

Allow enough time for the foam to cure fully before resuming regular pond function.