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What are Permeable Pavers?

What are permeable pavers?  Let’s answer that question with a question… Do you enjoy having to dodge walking through puddles after the rain has come and gone?  No one likes wet feet and permeable pavers help to avoid the problem of having to walk around the puddles from arising.

Permeable pavers allow drainage of surface water through their expanded joints.  This not only allows for puddles to quickly drain but is also a green solution as it allows the water to penetrate back into the ground rather than run to the storm water drains.  This is a big deal when you start to think about how much of our landscape we have covered in concrete and how much water we are directing away from our properties.

Pavers have come a long way and you don’t have to choose between pretty and practical anymore and there are so many benefits to this style of paving.  For example:

  • Paving over less used grassy areas reduces the water demand of having to keep that grass alive.
  • Water filters back into the ground or can be collected for things like washing cars
  • Eliminates standing water which is especially useful in terms of mosquito control.

With so many benefits and so many options to choose from why not give it a thought?   Come in and see us for more information.

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